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Barefoot Proximity

HORMEL GATHERINGS® Party Trays had almost no awareness in a category that was seen as a commodity, but data showed that if Hormel could get the right person to try the product, repeat rate was through the roof. Who was the right person? Conventional wisdom would say people who buy party trays are lazy or anti-Martha types. We suspected differently, so we created a campaign to drive the business and to help us understand our people and adjust accordingly.

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  • Challenge

    The brand needed to increase awareness and trial in order to grow, but with a small media budget the brand couldn't afford to waste any dollars. HORMEL GATHERINGS® Party Trays had to find "its people," get noticed and get invited to the party.

  • Solution

    Leverage the media as a learning ground without sacrificing brand awareness goals. Each execution was created in a modular way so that testing occasions, tone and headlines was easy and agile. Hundreds of combinations were created, all with the goal of moving the needle on brand awareness while honing HORMEL GATHERINGS® Party Trays' core audience to drive efficiencies.

  • Results

    HORMEL GATHERINGS® Party Trays significantly exceeded its objective of increasing awareness and household penetration, but best of all it finally met its people.